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What is Google Chrome OS?

Google has started the press conference today for the Chrome OS. The user interface is subject to change and not confirmed. Actually, Google has set up the special page for Chrome OS, you can check out more details about this future open source and fast OS now.

The current design of Google Chrome OS is like a Chrome browser with maximized screen. The difference is that there is a panel at the bottom right for the instant messaging and more.There is also a special icon at the top left as the application menu. For instance, you can edit your office documents with Google Docs.  You can click on it to choose other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Hulu and more. Flash and YouTube works well. You can switch to different windows easily.


Google has also emphasizes the security features. It’s still safe even you lost the Google Chrome OS powered machine. Take a look of more screenshots and videos after the break.

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  1. Chrome OS is just another rebranded Linux GUI, it would be much better if Google came up with an OS that would directly compete with Windows.


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