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iPC OSx86 PPF5 on Acer TM 6291

Today, i just installed the other hackintosh distro, iPC OSx86 10.5.6 ppf5 latest on my laptop.

this my option customize :

  • iPC OSx86
  • kernel 9.2.0 netkas sleep
  • legacy time machine fix
  • intel ICHx sata drivers
  • ALC268
  • AppleBCM5751 Ethernet
  • Ralink RT2500 USB
  • Patched USBDrivers
  • AppleACPI Battery Manager
  • ClamShell Display Support
  • ACPI Fix
  • Dual Boot Time Sync
  • Finder 10.5.5 + keyboard
  • Shutdown/Restart Fix
  • Verbose Mode
  • Ps/2 Device Support
  • Patch DSDT with NewHPET
  • AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev 667
  • and Applications


Install done…, eject disc iPC, Reboot with options “cpus=1 -v“, Sound at preloading after installing, Register system and ur name, DONE..

i don’t understand a problem with my  processor core 2 duo @T5500, because i must use option boot “cpus=1

somethimes, it work when its boot with no cpus=1, but after its enter in to mac, the next several minutes the OSX86 will hang “stuck” ergh!
Harry Potter
help me… thanks 🙂

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  1. nice review for tested a iPC hackmac installer …


  2. aloo suhu henditoo..
    masih blum komplit review sayah…

    selalu masalah ku cpus=1 hahahah

  3. Request: Bahas donk cara bikin duit yg cepet di internet gimana…yg dibahas jgn iphone terus…cara dpt duit buat beli iphone yg dibahas

  4. ntar nyoba yang ideneb v1.4 10.5.6, iPC 10.5.6 final dual layer dan XxX 10.5.6 universal .. release di awal minggu februari kemarin

  5. I am trying to get this working on my acer 6291, using iDeneb v1.4. Should I be using iPC?

  6. Makasi mas aziz..
    kebetulan laptop saya sama..
    dan ini mau install..

    belum ke solve yach masalah cpunya..

    mohon replynya

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